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Project / Presentation
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Semester Assignment

Project /Presentation

(This assignment is applicable CMIT 140, 215 and CMIT 220 only)

Technical writing and the ability to make an oral presentation  are two of the most important and valuable skills an information technology professional can have in their toolbox. This assignment is designed to help students learn, and put into practice, these skills.

Each student is required to complete and present a project on a relevant topic, according to the following parameters.

  1. Topics will be listed by the instructor and must be chosen by the student via an email to the professor.
  2. The completed project must be presented to the class and the presentation should be no more than 10 minutes in length.
  3. All presentations must include online html based documentation that will be used during the presentation. A presentation that uses PowerPoint, Prezi, or any other presentation based software does not meet the requirements of this assignment.
    • The online documentation for the presentation shall be in a tutorial / how to format.
    • The online documentation shall be created by the student and shall follow the guidelines for on-line technical writing as described at:
    • The online documentation shall also follow all "good html" practices.  Check your website with online validation tools.
      •   Other important aspects of well written online how to's:
        • Date last updated
        • Email link to author
        • Proper title
        • Cropped images
        • etc.
    • Sample student documentation, the good, the bad, and the ugly...
    • Sample on-online tutorial by the Professor
    • The on-line documentation shall be accessible via publicly available web server, e.g. Google sites, or any other free web service. Alternate server locations can be used by students who have their own Internet FQDN where presentation documentation will be available from a link on the home page for the web site.

      As an IT student, it is recommended that you have your own Internet FQDN, and / or subscription to a full featured web hosting service, recommended hosting companies include: and
    • VERY IMPORTANT: The topics listed as choices are chosen by the professor so that once you have chosen a project / presentation topic from the list provided, it is not just a matter of  "googling" the topic.  You should install and configure the software / OS / utility, use it / test it, and then "google" any specific questions about the topic you have chosen.
  4. Grading rubric:




Course content and course requirements are subject to change without notice.


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