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The Information Technology Dept. at Southern Maine Community College is a subscriber to the Microsoft Imagine / Microsoft Developer's Network Academic Alliance ( Microsoft Imagine) and the VMWare Academic Program (VMAP).

As a subscriber to the Microsoft Imagine and VMAP programs, students in the IT Dept. are able to obtain certain Microsoft and VMWare products for free.  Each program has unique license agreements for the software products.

The Microsoft Office Suite is not available via the MSDNAA program, but there is a discounted version of Office available to college students.  Follow the link below.

The IT Dept. faculty also recomend Open Office, a free open source office suite that supports the file types used by Microsoft Office.








Frequently asked questions regarding the MSDNAA program:

  1. Who is eligible to participate in the IT Dept's Microsoft Imagine program?
  2. How to login and register, and what is your username for the Microsoft Imagine program?
  3. How do you create a password for my Microsoft Imagine account?
  4. How do you get Microsoft Imagine software?
  5. What is the website URL for the IT Dept's Microsoft Imagine website?
  6. What do you do if you forget your Microsoft Imagine password?
  7. What software is available from the Microsoft Imagine program?
    (Please note: Microsoft Office is not available from the Microsoft Imagine program.)
  8. How much does the software cost?
  9. How many copies can you get of the Microsoft Imagine software?
  10. What happens if I forget or lose my CD key?
  11. What happens after you graduate or stop taking IT courses?
  12. When does your Microsoft Imagine user account expire?




  1.  Any student who is taking a SMCC Information Technology program course is eligible for the Microsoft Imagine program. 
    You do not need to be matriculated in the IT program and all part time students are eligible.

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  2. Your username on the IT Depts.  Microsoft Imagine website is the same as your student email address.
    For example, if your name is Ima True Geek, your student email address, and your Microsoft Imagine username, would be:

    NOTE: Some usernames are case sensitive, you should try both imatgeek and ImaTGeek.


    • If you have never logged in to the Microsoft Imagine web server before, you must register your account before logging in.

      On the welcome page (Fig. 1), click the Sign In link in the top right corner.

      Fig. 1

    • On the sign in window (FIg. 2), click the register button.

      Fig. 2

    • On the register window (Fig. 3), enter your student email address as explained above and click continue.

      Fig. 3

    • You will now be prompted to complete your registration on the website by entering your name, creating a password, and making other choices relative to your account.

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  3. Once you login to the web site using your SMCC student email address, and the password you created when you registered in the previous step, you will be able to obtain Microsoft  operating system software, and applications

    Most of the software available is available for download as a .ISO file.  Some software can purchased directly from the website with a credit card, and some software is ordered and then picked up from the IT Dept.

    NOTE: Software downloaded as a .ISO file must then be burned to a CD or DVD using CD/DVD burning software.

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  4. The SMCC IT Dept. Microsoft Imagine website is:

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  5. If you forget or lose your password for the Microsoft Imagine website:

    • Go to the Microsoft Imagine website.
    • Click on the Sign In link  on the top right corner of the page.
    • On the sign in window click the "Forgot Your Password" link.
    • Enter your username which is your student email address (DON'T forget it is case sensitive).
    • The website will then email you your password to your username email address.
    • If you do not enter your username correctly, misspell it, or if you do not exist as a user on the website you will receive an error.  In that case you should contact the Microsoft Imagine program administrator.

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  7. The software available from the Microsoft Imagine programs is restricted to products made by Microsoft and includes most of the current operating system versions e.g. Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 & 2008, and Windows 7.
    Some of the older Microsoft operating systems  are also available e.g. MSDOS 6.22, WIndows NT 4.0, and Windows 98.

    Many server packages e.g. SQL Server, Exchange, and Sharepoint can also be obtained from the site.
    Software applications available include: Access, Visual Studio, Visio, and Expressions Web.
    Microsoft Office is not available from the Microsoft Imagine program.

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  8. Almost all of the software on the Microsoft Imagine web site can be downloaded for free. If you were to purchase the CDs or DVDs from the website, the cost of the software prices vary for each package.  This software may only be purchased with a credit card and will be shipped directly to you.

    Software that you purchase via the "CD Pickup" method of delivery costs $3.00 / CD or $5.00 / DVD.
    The "CD Pickup" software must be picked up from Howard Burpee (Howard's class / office schedule).  

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  9. Each student may only purchase one copy of each of the software packages.  All of the current software packages and operating systems require activation and follow the Windows Product Activation requirements.

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  10. If you lose or forget your CD key for software that you have obtained via the Microsoft Imagine web site, log in to the web site and click the Your Account link at the top of the page.
    You will then see a list of software that you have ordered from Microsoft Imagine.  Each software title will have a link in it that will show you the CD key.

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  11. After you graduate, or stop taking IT Dept. courses, you may keep all of the software that you have obtained from Microsoft Imagine.

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  12. If you are not matriculated in the Information Technology program at SMCC, your Microsoft Imagine account will expire at the end of the semester in which you are taking IT Dept. courses.
    If you are a IT Dept. student, your account will expire at the end of the spring semester and will be reinstated in the fall semester if you return to SMCC as a IT Dept. student.

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